About Us

Every day, more veterans suffer and are denied the benefits they are entitled to. It was for this reason that Veterans Claims Consulting (VCC) was founded. We work hard to ensure that veterans and their qualifying dependents get the most VA benefits possible. This is who we are and what we do.

We at VCC never forget what veterans have given up. It is our responsibility to reciprocate the favor. Our claims advisors (CAs) pledge to treat veterans with the honor, respect, and humility that every veteran who has served this nation deserves. This also means that we will never charge veterans anything until their claims have been won. 

We represent military veterans all around the country. Our CAs make collecting benefits easy for veterans no matter where they are. We put our years of experience, expertise, and desire to work hard to ensure that our country’s veterans receive the benefits they’ve earned.

For a free consultation or more information please contact us. 

Frequently Asked Question

We provide veterans help in filing for VA disability in order to ensure they get the compensation and benefits they deserve. 

We specialize in VA Claims Management. 

Our fee is only paid when we help the veteran win their claim. There is no fee until the disability rating is increased.  

We promise to provide the best service we can to deliver results to all of our veterans.